Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare supplement plan F is the most comprehensive of all the Medicare supplement plans.  This also makes it the most popular of all the Medicare supplements.  As with any type of insurance you should know exactly what you are getting so we are going to break down all the most common questions.

Medicare Supplement Plan F – What does it Cover?

Plan F covers all of the gaps left by your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.  There are nine specific gaps that are covered.  With Part A it covers the deductible of $1,156 per benefit period, the cost for the first three pints of blood, the coinsurance for days 61-365 of a stay in the hospital, Hospice care coinsurance, and skilled nursing care coinsurance.  For Medicare Part B plan F will cover: the annual deductible of $140, the coinsurance of 20% of the Medicare approved costs, and any excess charges that come in over the Medicare approved costs.  Finally Medicare supplement plan F also covers the costs of a foreign travel emergency up to the plan limits.

What Does it Not Cover?

The only costs associated with Medicare Part A and B that plan F does not cover is the premium payments for Medicare Part B.  If you have an income that is high enough you may have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A. If you were to fall into that category then Medicare supplement Plan F would also not pay for that premium.

What Does a Plan Cost?

The answer to that question can only be answered by getting a set of quotes.  If you are about to turn 65 you will get the lowest prices because you have an opportunity to get a Medicare supplement plan during open enrollment within 6 months after you turn 65 and are enrolled in Medicare Part B.  During this period there is no medical underwriting and you cannot be rejected for a plan.  The best way to know what all your options are is to get a set of Medicare supplement quotes HERE.

Are There Other Plans that are Cheaper?

The answer is yes.  Although, like we said above, Medicare supplement plan F is the most comprehensive.  Of the other plans Medicare supplement Plan G is the closest in coverage and may save you money over plan F.  You can learn more about Medicare Supplement Plan G HERE.

With any of the Medicare supplement plans you have to decide which one meets your needs and how much risk you are willing to take.  With a more comprehensive plan like Medicare supplement plan F you will pay more per month but there will be no costs after that.  With another plan you will spend less per month but have additional costs if you need health services.  You can find out more about all the other Medicare supplement plans HERE.

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