Medicare Supplement Plan D

Thousands of people have been helped by utilizing Medicare supplement plan D to complete their Medicare insurance coverage.

Don’t Let Medigap Plan D Confuse You

Whenever I spend time with someone who is choosing a Medicare supplement Plan D always brings the most confusion.  The first bit of confusion comes between Medigap plan D and Medicare Part D.  to get the difference just understand that Medicare Part D is just for prescription drug coverage, while Plan D fills the gaps left by Medicare Part A and Part B.

The next confusion comes between Medicare supplement Plan D and Medicare Advantage.  Medicare Advantage is a replacement for traditional Medicare coverage.  This means you no longer work through the government system but use a private insurance company.  Medigap plan D adds to your traditional Medicare coverage and is accepted wherever Medicare is accepted.

Medicare Supplement Plan D Coverage

With Medicare supplement plan D you are filling seven of the gaps left by Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.  By getting one of these supplements you are covering the costs of the: Medicare Part A and Part B Coinsurance (this includes the coinsurance for hospice and skilled nursing care), your Medicare Part A deductible, the first three pints of blood you receive when admitted to the hospital, and the costs of any foreign travel emergencies.  The only gaps that Medigap plan D does not cover are the Medicare Part B annual deductible of $140 or the excess charges that a physician could charge above the Medicare approved amount.  There are actually ten different Medicare supplements.  Learn more about Medicare supplement plan F, plan C, or any of the other Medicare supplement plans HERE.

Rates for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan D

The cost of a Medicare supplement Plan D premium is not something you can just throw out there as a blanket number.  The rates are very different based off of how old you are, what part of the country you are living in, your overall health, and whether you are male or female.  The only way to get a set of accurate numbers for you as an individual is to get a set of Medicare Supplement quotes.  This means we will take your basic information and get back to you with a set of quotes for the plans that you want to compare.  As independent agents we are able to shop multiple companies for you to get the best rates available for you.  Since each plan offers the same coverage no matter which company you choose you are able to decide if Medicare supplement plan D from AARP is better for you than a Humana plan D or any other company that offers supplements in your area.  It would be our honor to help walk you through this process.  To get started fill out the form at the bottom or side of this page or go over to our page for Medicare supplement quotes HERE.

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