Medicare Supplement Plan C

Medicare supplement Plan C is one of the most comprehensive of the Medicare supplement plans.  If you are unfamiliar with the different plans available you need to know that there are ten of them and they cover different numbers of the gaps left by Medicare insurance coverage.  For this reason they are frequently referred to as Medigap plans.  They are not to be confused with Medicare Advantage plans which completely replace Medicare with a private insurance policy.  You can learn more about the other Medicare supplement plans HERE.

Medicare Supplement Plan C Coverage

The extra coverage offered by Medicare supplement plan C is only out done by Medicare supplement plan F.  The only difference between the two is that plan F will cover any excess charges over the Medicare recommended amount for Medicare Part B covered services.  That means If you are covered by Medigap plan C you do not have to pay for: the Medicare Part A deductible or coinsurance for hospital stays, coinsurance for hospice care, coinsurance for skilled nursing care, Medicare part B premium or coinsurance, foreign travel emergency expenses or for the first three pints of blood if you were to be admitted into a hospital.  In other words if you can find a general practitioner who sticks to the Medicare recommended prices for outpatient services you would be completely covered.

Medigap Plan C Rates

The rates that an individual would have to pay for a Medicare supplement plan C premium can only be determined by getting a set of quotes.  This is due to the multiple factors that determine the rate for any single individual.  There are only three major pieces of information that will determine your rate.  They are age, location, and health.  If you are just starting on Medicare Part B (even if you are older than 65) you will get a six month period that allows you to sign up for a Medigap plan with no underwriting.  This means that your health will not be taken into account when writing the policy.  This has huge advantages for anyone with any sort of chronic health problems or disease.   If you are interested in getting a set of custom quotes that include Medicare part C you can fill out the form for a Medicare supplement quote HERE or on the side of this page.

Medicare Supplement Plan C Companies

Most of the insurance companies that offer Medicare supplements offer Medigap plan C. One very convenient feature of all of the plans is that no matter which company you choose you will get the same coverage.  This means when you are shopping you can focus solely on PRICE, PRICE, PRICE!  Whether you choose a Medicare supplement plan C from Humana or AARP you are getting the same exact coverage just at different prices.  If you would like more info the different companies you can go to our page of Medicare supplement insurance companies HERE.

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