Medicare Supplement Plan A

Medicare supplement Plan A offers the least coverage of any of the federally approved Medigap plans.  This does not mean it is not worth looking into what it offers.  For some people Medigap plan A offers the right amount of coverage at a very competitive price.

Your Coverage with Medigap Plan A

Whenever you are looking at Medigap plan A or any of the medigap plans remember that no matter which company you choose you will be getting the same coverage.  So if it is an Aetna Medicare Supplement plan or an AARP Medicare supplement plan the coverage is the same you are really shopping on price.  The specific gaps in Medicare that are filled by Medicare supplement plan A are:

  • Medicare Part A Deductible
  • Cost of first three pints of blood
  • Coinsurance for hospice care
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment

The gaps that you will have to cover out of pocket when you have Medicare supplement plan A are:

  • Medicare Part B annual deductible of $140
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance
  • Any charges over the Medicare approved amount for Medicare Part B
  • Skilled nursing care coinsurance
  • Out of country emergency expenses

Medicare Supplement Plan A Rates

With any of the Medicare supplements you are going to find that the rates can vary greatly.  The factors that determine your monthly premium are age, health, and area of the country.  Also, different companies will offer very different rates for the same person.  Your health is only a factor if you have to go through underwriting.  The only people who do not have to go through underwriting are those who are just turning sixty five or anyone who is just starting Medicare Part B coverage.  This puts you in a six month period call open enrollment where you are automatically accepted no matter what your health.  So if you are a smoker or have a chronic illness this period is a must for you to get a plan.  The only way to know what your personal rates will be for Medicare supplement Plan A or any of the other plans is to get a quote.  You can obtain a set of free quotes by filling out the form on the bottom or side of this page or filling out the form for a Medicare supplement quote HERE.

Medicare supplement part A is one of only ten Medigap plans that are available.  The plans will offer varying degrees of coverage for the gaps left by traditional Medicare coverage.  If you would like to learn more you can find out about each of the Medicare supplement plans HERE.  If you have any questions about Medigap plan A or any of the options for senior insurance it would be our honor to serve you.

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